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Take It To Heart

by Luke Boor

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released October 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Luke Boor Nashville, Tennessee

Luke Boor is a Texan singer/songwriter. He was a member of LA pop-punk band Assemble The Skyline, appearing on Purevolume’s Top 20 Unsigned Bands & Music Connection’s 100 Bands You Need To Know. As a solo artist, he's appeared on American Songwriter and Rormix. His music video, "Darker Side", was premiered on No Country For New Nashville. His new EP, "Take It Heart", came out on Oct. 16, 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Won't Go Quietly

Last time you saw me I was
Knocked down, too hurt to get up
I dunno who put me there
I dunno who put me there

They had me down but not out
I'm back and in for the count
I'm gonna get a name I swear
I'm gonna get a name I swear

Somebody better answer for this
Lets not make a scene
Someone better know cause I won't
Go go quietly, Go go quietly

Watch what ya say because I'm
The unforgiving kind
Nobody's fooling me this time
Nobody's fooling me this time

You're talking yourself to the grave
So give it all up, give it all up
Before I take it away
You out of clever things say ?


Somebody better answer for this
Lets not make a scene
Someone better know cause I won't
Go go quietly, Go go quietly
I’m beaten I’m bruised lets do this
Do this righteously
Someone better know cause I won’t
Go go quietly
Track Name: Darker Side
My feet haven't left these steps
Oh no I'm not safe just yet
I can feel my walls soften
The ones I put in place with caution

Your voice sounding nice and slow
Telling me I shouldn't go
I can see my heart in this
But you and I have reached our limit

You don't know me, so say good night (say good night)
Some of us have a darker side (darker side)
you don't wanna see mine
It's not as simple as black and white
Walking with my darker side

My head is a deep blue sea
Full of things better left unseen
You don't wanna dive in it
Now I'm thinking we're finished

It's not like I don't care for you
It's just that every time I do
I turn a good thing crooked
This time I'm gonna bite the bullet


If there's a line, I'm not gonna cross it
I tend to make messes, and then get off on it
I'm changing if the powers that be will let me
Won't make myself vulnerable not till I'm ready
I'm done giving in, giving into shallow people
I'm finding my stride but I'll have to go deeper
I’ll have to go deeper

Track Name: Los Feliz

Got myself into a habit , I'll turn a good thing tragic
Something great will come my way
And I'll work my magic

Back then I sounded
So cool, so grounded
I'd spend a lifetime, a light year finding ways around things

Found a way around you
Thought my plan was fool proof
I was a fool too scared to love
Scared of being used

Things happen for reasons
Least that's how it feels tonight

I tried to fix myself by changing you
Now look what we're up against
Look what's it coming to
I got a feeling it's gone
And a half written song
I'm alone in this room
I tried to fix myself by changing you

Can't figure out this love thing
Don't see the sense in falling
What's in my head's not in the flesh
Still it's all or nothin

I tell myself I need it
Convince myself I bleed it
You left a scar, followed your heart out to Los Feliz

Found your way out of it
I can't help but covet
The good, the bad, the great mishaps,
Congrats you rose above it

Things happen for reasons
Least that's how it feels tonight

Track Name: White Flags
Oooooo, ooooo

I heard the news and I can't decide
If this real or a trick of the light
You ran around, Came back to town, I
hear you wanna about it

See I got smart, It took some hurt
Say what ya want but I'm on the alert now
Maybe you're restless, hunting the helpless
I guess we’re gonna talk about it

Tried my best to open up and love you
Found my head in the clouds
The earth came back
And all your white flags
Mean nothing to me now

Right now I love the face you're making
Your shallow games fell off the deep end
You lost the battle, went off your axle
Cmon lets talk about it


There comes a time when all these feelings
Aren't worth the time it takes to fix it
You fucked me up
But hell we only live once